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Kim Zuniss

My Journey to Becoming Pregnant at Last

A Sucker punch to my gut… and to my heart. This was to date, the worst day of my life. On what should have been the most exciting day for me turned quickly into heartbreak. I was pregnant for the first time and it was finally my 3 month appointment. I couldn’t wait to finally start telling people we were pregnant.  I remember telling my husband that if his meeting ran long, not to worry about coming with me as it would just be

Jillian Windle

Setting a Marketing Budget for the New Year

Why It’s Important to Set a Marketing Budget Setting a marketing budget for the new year should always be a part of your annual planning. Too often we meet with

Brenda Jones

Losing Your Ish: 3 Simple Tips & Tricks

Have you ever reached that point where you just want to lose it? Or where you actually lost it??? I’ve got 3 simple tips and tricks for you. [iframe src=”https://www.beliefco.com/losing-your-ish”